Im just a girl who wanted to look great in a bikini! I had these long legs since I was 12 years old and I was waiting to grow past 1m 75 to be signed with a modelling agency ( Elite/Ford or BMG) to be a runway model. Well that didn’t happen, I was only 1m71 and 118lbs. But I did get into commercial print modelling in Toronto, Paris and Australia. 

That was ok by me because ever since I could remember lingerie and bikini sets were my biggest passion and who wanted to be that tall anyways. Growing up in Canada, we didn’t have victoria secrets store in Toronto but I made sure I had the catalogue and ordered everything via mail. 

In 2010, I had an organ failure in Australia where’s I nearly died and I had to have an emergency laparoscopy. 

Although the damage and repair were internal, the whole ordeal left me mentally wounded. I started eating out and drinking a lot more. After 2 years depression I decided to reclaim my body because my weight was about 61kg or lbs 139. In search of workouts on YouTube,  I’d seen some bikini competition and I felt a very strong calling to be a Barbie like those lean mean machine! 

I didn’t place at my 1 show but I had gone through a phenomenal physical transformation which helped me out of my depression and I was looking like the model I once was! I entered another show and placed 2nd then. I was happy with my placing (finally won!) so I just kept working to stay “toned” and maintained.

Then in January 2014 I got into an accident that kept me out of the gym for 20 months! I gained about 30lbs which was the heaviest I had ever been. Needless to say, I didn’t deal with the weight gains well and as soon as I could, I contacted my Coach and was back at gym grinding.

Right away we started working on bringing my weight down, I thought that since I was focused and determined the weight was going to just “melt off”! Well it didn’t. I didn’t always wanna diet, now that I was home I realized how short life was and I wanted to spend time “living”. It took me about 1 1/2year to get back to my original weight and that didn’t come without hard work and sacrifices. 

I had to understand that being fit is not a quick fix it’s a lifestyle. I didn’t want to spend my life “recovering” and always chasing back a weight or a look I once had and as women we can sometimes always try to lose those extra few pounds or yo-yo dieting. I want to be happy with my body at every single stage of life I am currently facing. It’s a mental outlook on life and on everything that you do. There’s no short cuts and you get back everything that you put in. I’m not a natural born competitor but I enjoy the process of pushing my body to extreme every now and again. What Im passionate the most about is my life, my body and my mental health.

“Mens sana In corpore sano”

I hope my life story and daily stories will inspire you to let me be your partner in your weight loss and fitness journey, can’t wait to meet the New and improve you!