Frequently asked questions

How do I book your sessions?
The schedule is now open 7 days (1 week) in advance on The weekly calendar is then finalized by Sunday 2PM. From time to time we may be contacting you to ensure that each client gets adequate training time and you get one or more slots scheduled.

I booked a session but forgot I had something Scheduled (conflict of time) I have to cancel. What do I do: 1st cancellation within 12hrs is penalty free.

2nd cancellation onward. The booked class is forfeited as clients schedule is made from Sunday, we will most like not be able to fill the reserved spot.

Cancelling last minute. Same cancelation rules apply.

Rescheduling last minute: Bikini Body Life is offering a array of personal training sessions, semi-private sessions, classes and various level of Bootcamps.
Schedules are set from Sunday, to avoid disruptions in the smooth running of all weekly activities. If need be, We reserve the right to make adjustments the morning of and consult with you if one time could perhaps be better than another.


I’m running late
We are busy tending to clients needs and won’t see an SMS. Show up if you want and we’ll train til the next appointment shows. It also your choice if you want to cancel instead of training the remaining time left in your appointment. You then need to refer to the cancellation rules. If you chose to train the remaining that won’t bother me whatsoever but keep in mind that as soon as the next person shows up for their appointment end your session and start their training. If you are part of a group training just jump in the session and we’ll roll with it.

5-10-15 mins late: Don’t TEXT me just show up (if you were still planning on showing) your training time has been booked and scheduled.

What type of packages do you have?
Not all my programs are made equal. They all have different goals. Some programs are introductory to working out with a personal trainer, some programs are goals specifics, some programs are challenges and some have meal plans. Contact me to discuss your fitness goals and make a plan of actions together.

When will my package expire?

Not all packages are made equal. My belief is anyone who decides to enlist the help of a professional to help them in their fitness journey wants to see results. The sooner the better. Working out 2-3 times a week is a sure (not the only) way to get to see results. Your success is my success and a proof of how good I am as a Personal Trainer. I want you to work hard and push yourself therefore, most packages have an expiry day of 90 days.


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