As a bikini model and fitness competitor, lifting weight and keeping track of my macronutrients is my daily duty.

I train 6 days a week on season and about 4-5 a week off season. Spending this much time training, I have to learn how to maximize my time at the gym as it can all get repetitive and boring. Spicing things up is the same approach I bring my clients when I’m training them to get maximum results.

A lot of people, due to career and other personal commitments, don’t have the time to put in the effort and energy it’s requires to be a bikini model.

That is why my clients love working with me! Not only my mantra is Look good to feel good, but, My motto is: My Body is my Resume, Your body is my Business.

In the Bootik section, is a list of all the different workout programs I offers.

From Private session to group training and bootcamp on Saturday. In person, one on one or online training, there’s a fit for everyone that wants to train with me, step their fitness level up and train like a Pro!

I love to laugh, have fun and a great time, bootcamps are a great way to bound with all my special ladies…and gentlemen!